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Center for Understanding Nature and Animals

The Center is a non-profit educational organization devoted to learning about Nature and animals by sharing life with them. We seek to deepen understanding of the essential emotional and social nature and requirements of dogs, cats, and other animal persons and species.

We try to balance reading and theorizing about animals and Nature with direct interaction with animals on their own terms. Our goal is to
understand animals from their own point of view and to enhance reciprocal understanding between humans and animals.

Areas of interactive learning include animals and thinking, language, and communication signals, bonding, conflict resolution, altruistic behavior, and approaches to natural healing.

The work of ethologist Konrad Lorenz and his popular introduction to animal behavior, King Solomon’s Ring, serves as a guide for our discussions.

Currently we also offer a nutritional workshop for humans based on herbs, homeopathy, and aligning diet with blood type. We teach this in hope of helping to overcome the addiction to animal experimentation, on which so much of pharmaceutical medicine relies.